Week 4

The Latest Life Endangerment Trend

This is a serious trend that has been dominating the news in Malaysia. Recently, there are so many suicide cases and the saddest one was the two recent ones where this mother threw her 5 year old daughter then jumped to her own death and the 17 year old girl who jumped from her school building because of a relationship failure. Another case is when a man fell to his death when his ex-girlfriend attempted to jump and he held on to her. Apparently, counseling centres all around the country receives at least 60 calls from people who plan their suicide and the statistics show that at least 10 to 13 people, especially youths (16 – 25), commit suicide due to the unbearable stress they face every day. It was estimated by the National Suicide Registry Malaysia (NSRM) from January to August 2010, about 425 people committed suicide.

Frankly, I used to think that people who claim they want to commit suicide are people who crave for attention but now, after reading the papers, some of these people who commit suicide have friends who actually ‘encourage’ them to do it. Comments like, “Go die, lah” or “Let me buy you a coffin.” is indirectly encouraging a person to commit suicide. People who are troubled need to be heard and helped.

The End Of A Pharoah’s Reign.

“Egypt is free” were the words uttered by the people of Egypt who were fed up with the reign of Mubarak when it was announced by Vice President Omar Suleiman, that he (Mubarak) had resigned from the presidency after 18 days of protest.

The step down of Mubarak was considered “the greatest day in Egyptian history”.

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