In The World Of Football

There seem to be so much drama in the football world now.

Internationally and locally.

Last year in December, during an AFF Suzuki Cup match between Malaysia and Indonesia, the Indonesians claim their lost due to the Malaysians flashing laser lights at their players thus disturbing their players. During the finals where Malaysia played against Indonesia again, Malaysia proved themselves victorious.

I was overseas and celebrating in Macedonia, a boutique to be exact, when I was updated about Malaysia’s victories in the AFF Suzuki Cup. Then, it came to mind, a national holiday and Datukship for the coach.

I was right. Malaysia got their victorious holiday and Coach K. Rajagopal was awarded a Datukship in Kuala Lumpur, today.

However, while our Malaysian football scene is celebrating, somewhere else – in Liverpool, Liverpool fans are angry at Fernando Torres’ actions to accept the deal made by Chelsea. Chelsea offered £50 million to transfer the Spaniard to Chelsea. I am also a loyal Liverpool fan and I was angry that he decide on leaving the club just because the club was not making any progress. According to a Twitter user, “Fernando Torres believes he can fulfil his dream of winning the Champions League after completing his move to Chelsea.” when he told fans to remain loyal to their club of support only 3 weeks ago.

Today in London, Liverpool fans burnt his jersey outside Melwood training ground. Personally, I find it uncalled for even if it is your dream to win the Champions League but by claiming that it was your dream to join Liverpool at first and then join another team just because the team is not doing well, shows no loyalty at all.

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