Week 4

The Latest Life Endangerment Trend

This is a serious trend that has been dominating the news in Malaysia. Recently, there are so many suicide cases and the saddest one was the two recent ones where this mother threw her 5 year old daughter then jumped to her own death and the 17 year old girl who jumped from her school building because of a relationship failure. Another case is when a man fell to his death when his ex-girlfriend attempted to jump and he held on to her. Apparently, counseling centres all around the country receives at least 60 calls from people who plan their suicide and the statistics show that at least 10 to 13 people, especially youths (16 – 25), commit suicide due to the unbearable stress they face every day. It was estimated by the National Suicide Registry Malaysia (NSRM) from January to August 2010, about 425 people committed suicide.

Frankly, I used to think that people who claim they want to commit suicide are people who crave for attention but now, after reading the papers, some of these people who commit suicide have friends who actually ‘encourage’ them to do it. Comments like, “Go die, lah” or “Let me buy you a coffin.” is indirectly encouraging a person to commit suicide. People who are troubled need to be heard and helped.

The End Of A Pharoah’s Reign.

“Egypt is free” were the words uttered by the people of Egypt who were fed up with the reign of Mubarak when it was announced by Vice President Omar Suleiman, that he (Mubarak) had resigned from the presidency after 18 days of protest.

The step down of Mubarak was considered “the greatest day in Egyptian history”.


Week 3


Revolution In The Land of An Ancient Civilization

It was January 25th 2011, when it all started. Egyptians against Hosni Mubarak marched and demonstrate the unfairness of his reign in Cairo where there was an estimate of 300 deaths. Mubarak announced to the people that he would not stand for election in September 2011.

Hosni Mubarak was elected as president in 1981 and had caused a lot of political corruption in the country. Anti-Mubarak protestors focused on brutality of the police, unemployment among the people and lack of free speech and elections.

In yesterday’s news, however, the Muslim Brotherhood holds first talks with Vice President Omar Suleiman in order to press demands. The government, however, wants the protest to stop and the people to go back to their daily lives since shops in Egypt had been closed for twelve days prior to the riots and protest.

Egyptian protestors against Mubarak claimed they will wait for Mubarak to step down.

Malaysian students studying in Egypt, however, have been reported that they are safe from the riots and were told not to get involved in any protest. The Malaysian government, however, had been organizing an evacuation plan for Malaysians in Egypt to come home. About 11,000 Malaysians were evacuated from Egypt by air.

Today, the first batch of 778 Malaysians in Egyptian landed in KLIA from Jeddah at 10 this morning via MAS Airlines and Air Asia and was greeted by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister at the Kompleks Bunga Raya.

The Malaysian government are also arranging with the Egyptian universities for students to sit for their exams in Malaysia.

Personally, I think that Mubarak should just step down because the more he continue to reign the country, there will be more bloodshed. He had caused enough misery to the country and what I am also concerned of is that Egypt is a country rich with ancient history. I saw a video of the damaged artifacts in the Cairo Museum by National Geographic which broke my heart. Although, famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass is positive that the artifacts are not severely damaged, but it affect me because those artifacts are from the times before Christ.

As for what is locally related where this whole incident is concerned, before “Operation Pyramid”, I read blogs by students in Egypt claiming all evacuation is under their own effort. Yes, I was not too happy about it. When organising an international evacuation, the government will have to go through with a lot of procedures. The government will have to go through a lot of protocol before they can continue with an evacuation plan and I hope these people are thankful.

In The World Of Football

There seem to be so much drama in the football world now.

Internationally and locally.

Last year in December, during an AFF Suzuki Cup match between Malaysia and Indonesia, the Indonesians claim their lost due to the Malaysians flashing laser lights at their players thus disturbing their players. During the finals where Malaysia played against Indonesia again, Malaysia proved themselves victorious.

I was overseas and celebrating in Macedonia, a boutique to be exact, when I was updated about Malaysia’s victories in the AFF Suzuki Cup. Then, it came to mind, a national holiday and Datukship for the coach.

I was right. Malaysia got their victorious holiday and Coach K. Rajagopal was awarded a Datukship in Kuala Lumpur, today.

However, while our Malaysian football scene is celebrating, somewhere else – in Liverpool, Liverpool fans are angry at Fernando Torres’ actions to accept the deal made by Chelsea. Chelsea offered £50 million to transfer the Spaniard to Chelsea. I am also a loyal Liverpool fan and I was angry that he decide on leaving the club just because the club was not making any progress. According to a Twitter user, “Fernando Torres believes he can fulfil his dream of winning the Champions League after completing his move to Chelsea.” when he told fans to remain loyal to their club of support only 3 weeks ago.

Today in London, Liverpool fans burnt his jersey outside Melwood training ground. Personally, I find it uncalled for even if it is your dream to win the Champions League but by claiming that it was your dream to join Liverpool at first and then join another team just because the team is not doing well, shows no loyalty at all.

Week 2

Elections, Be Calm in Tenang

With the election only 2 days away, the government (Barisan National) is fighting really hard to win Tenang as calmly as possible. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin told the people to not make the mistake of voting for PAS as Barisan National is the government for both state and the federal.

The Tenang candidate for Tenang, Mohd Azahar Ibrahim was accused of being sued over a land deal, which PAS had claimed in a press conference, they organized on Tuesday. The BN candidate for Tenang claims that he wished to ‘concentrate on winning the by-elections with a larger majority instead of wasting time commenting on my (his) opponent or the latest allegations by Pakatan Rakyat.’

As for the PAS candidate, Normala Sudirman is just as confident that she has gained the trust of the people of Tenang.

However, today the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, himself is confident that the people of Tenang will eventually vote for Barisan National although it is not a general election.


Korea VS Korea

It’s been after a year since North Korea threatened war on South Korea. However,  South Korea claimed that an apology for the attacks last year is not necessarily required but it is required to determine on whether the six-party talks process can be done about dismantling its nuclear weapon program.

A few days ago, U.S President Barack Obama urged North Korea to abort atomic weapons in support to Seoul, as South Korea are allies to the U.S.

New Movie Review: “Season Of The Witch”

STARRING : Nicholas Cage, Ron Perlmen, Christopher Lee, Claire Foy

DIRECTOR : Dominic Sena

WRITER : Bragi F. Schut

LANGUAGE : English

DURATION : 95 minutes

GENRE : Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Two ex-crusaders, along a priest, an old knight, an enthusiastic youth who dreams to be a knight and a conman goes on a journey to bring a witch, who was accused for the black plague, to a fair trial.


The Instruction Given:-
Draw a map of south-east asia, name the ten countries that are members of the inter-governmental organisation ASEAN, locate three geographical features (a mountain, a river, a sea).

This is what I got…

And sorry if my drawing is horrible!

Yellow : Thailand
Red : Malaysia
Green : Indonesia
Blue : Singapore
Purple : Brunei
Orange : Philippines

Actual map is this;-

I missed out 4 other countries: Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam. Sad, huh? I suck at geography and I studied geography in 1999… After my Form 3, I had the option of not doing geography.

Oh well.

Week 1

The Book That Launched A Controversy

Just like how Helen of Troy had launched a thousand ships, Abdullah Hussain’s book, “Interlok” recently launched a controversy. Initially, this book is about the main three races in Malaysia: the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians, and their struggles before the Japanese occupation. This was the book required for the Form Five Malay literature students in national schools. However, the Indian society was enraged at the fact that the author used the word ‘pariah’ in the book. It is a very offensive word to the Indian society just like how the word ‘nigger’ is to African-Americans.

Now, everyone is making statements about what they think about the book and some people are coming up with solutions to settle the “Interlok” problem and one of the solutions is to censor certain parts of the book.

I personally think by censoring certain parts of the book would destroy the context and I have read the synopsis of the book, not only were the Indians are being talked about. The Malays and the Chinese are, too being touched on in the book. On the plus side, the Indian character, Maniam is described as a grateful, faithful and loving man. What more can we ask for? In fact, our society should learn to be more open-minded to literature. That way, we understand the true meaning of a book and its content.

“We Want Jobs!”

It all started last year, when a man; a young graduate, torched himself to death, in order to protest against the poverty of Tunisia, after the Tunisian police confiscated his unlicensed fruit cart as he was not able to get a job, thus selling fruits and vegetables to earn a living.

Tunisian youths used social network sites like Facebook to organise protest against the regime. January 15th, the president of Tunisia of 23 years, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia due to the overwhelming of protestors protesting against unemployment among the educated and the lack of freedom. The police killed many demonstrators in order to restore order.

On January 18th, however, Mohammed Ghannouchi, the current governor of the country, claimed that he would remain as the head of the unity government until the general election coming within the next 6 months in order to set up a new government. This riot had caused 94 people to get injured, while 78 people were killed during the protest.